About Us

We are a group of individuals with concerns in the centralization of the services and the Internet.

Our objective is too minimize the centralization of most services, producing high quality low level software and proof-of-concept applications, providing developers an easy and intuitive Application Programming Interface to work with. We also intend to support the developers who will produce free open-source applications and software.


Nowadays there is a clear lack of transparency in the services we use either in the real world and the virtual world. Everyday we read news talking about data leaks, privacy violations, cyber warfare between nations, corruption, censorship etc, the list is way too big.
We can assume that part of all this problems comes from the fact that we gave too much power and information to centralized organizations (such as governments and big companies). It is only normal, because the world where we live never adopted other systems than centralized systems.

To err is human. But we should not live with the constant errors of a small set of the humanity.
We pretend to change the system we use and decentralize it. First of all by decentralizing the technology which are getting more and more in the real world services, giving it a layer of transparency and a layer of security.

About OpenP2P

OpenP2P is the name of the project and the name of core system.
OpenP2P will have two main purposes. First is to run as a service in the background of your system connecting you to a global overlay network where the definitions about the network will be maintained by us. We want that most of the core services available on the Internet, run in this network. The second purpose is for niche applications, private networks services (e.g. DNS) and personal usage.

If you want to contribute or know more about our objectives, join us at our Slack or check our contribution page with the button below.