Types of Contributions

Right now this project don't have many people involved. We want to change that and get more people to contribute in any way.
Currently you can contribute in different ways, you can:

  • Create pull requests in our open source repositories
  • Help us designing the system architecture
  • Donate us services (preferably one of the listed below)
  • Donate via Patreon
  • Report issues
  • Discuss with us
  • Ask questions
Once there are donation, the financial reports will be made public, all the donors can see where their money is going.

What are we currently looking?


  • Logo design
  • Website design and development (not based on a template)


  • Dedicated Server - Mainly for web and email hosting (not based in the U.S.A.)

"I don't fit in"

Everyone does fit in!
If you would like to help but don't know how, please let us know what you do best and we will see how you can help us.


Keep in mind that OpenP2P is a free open source project, it does not sell any product and most of the donations will be for keeping the project alive.
That being said, depending on the growth of the project, contributors might get compensated. In the mean time, if you can find the owner of the project on the street, he will pay you a coffee!