OpenP2P is a project developed in order to decentralize the internet. With the constant privacy violations, the urge of decentralized technologies (such as blockchain), the rise of devices and the limitations of the cloud, there is a need of betting in the decentralization of the Internet in a seamless way.
The objective of this project is to develop a peer-to-peer framework where anyone can see and contribute in all the layers of the system.


  • Open Source

    This project is fully open source, all users can see what is happening in their machines at any given time.

  • Distributed

    Our objective is to connect the world through the systems we use daily, removing the centralization.

  • Privacy

    One of our main goals is building privacy oriented systems where the users do not have to concern about their data.


Here you can see the huge numbers associated with this project!

  • 2 Contributors
  • 30 Commits
  • 263 Lines of Code
  • 0 Nodes
  • 0 Applications

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We are still in a embryonic phase without having the core system implemented.
Do you think you can contribute in any way to this project?
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